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Orinoco Outdoor Wireless LAN

ORINOCO Outdoor Router

The Need

The Technology

One of major impacts on project success is the quality, quantity, and timing of information exchange during project execution at the jobsite. Paper-based jobsite construction process are becoming obsolete because they are unable to deliver just-in-time information. It is believed that shifting to electronic, or wireless, exchange of information can help improve the timely delivering and accessing of information. Wireless communication allows mobile communications to be located at various places within a construction site and communicate with each other as well as with a central, fixed location such as the jobsite trailer. Wireless LAN is one of the wireless data communication technologies that can be used in a jobsite.

The Orinoco Outdoor system consists of:

The Benefits

ORINOCO Outdoor Solutions offer the following benefits:


Other than Outdoor Solution, there are three other product lines presented in the ORINOCO solution:


A primary difficulty with maintaining reliable wireless LAN performance is the potential inference from other users in the band. The inference can occur from other users in the same network or from other users from different wireless LAN system that uses the same frequency and is co-located in the same region. Another source of inferences is from non-wireless LAN devices operating in the frequency band.

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