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ARCAgent - Weld Process Quality Monitoring System

Semi-Automated (Manual) Welding Operations

The Need

The ARCAgent arc weld (GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW, SMAW) process monitoring system provides real-time weld quality analysis through monitoring, data acquisition, process fault detection and automated diagnostics. This system is suitable for application in automated and semi-automated (manual) arc-welding operations with any standard welding power supply. The ARCAgent node measures actual welding parameters in real-time and compares them to limits established for the particular welding application.

The Technology

The ARCAgent 2000 is a real-time monitoring and alarming unit for automated and semi-automated arc welding (GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW, SMAW) applications. The ruggedized ARCAgent 2000 uses an embedded microprocessor for high speed analysis of arc current, supply voltage, gas flow, wire feed speed, and an additional 4-20 mA sensor to verify the weld process parameters. When process problems are detected, context specific diagnostics information is displayed directly to the operator for corrective action. An unique "Automated Learn Mode" provides quick setup for process alarm limits. One or more of the ARCAgent 2000 nodes can be networked to a PC using the ARClient software to support configuration management, data logging, weld signature analysis, SPC and production tracking. This software package provides the ability to capture, analyze and use process data to solve real-world production welding problems.

Automated Production Welding Operations

The Benefits


The ARCAgent 2000 and ARClient software are commercially available from IMPACT Engineering. The Construction Industry Institute is evaluating starting a collaborative project to help evaluate and focus this technology on Construction Industry applications.


Points of Contact


  1. Impact Engineering, Inc. http://www.impactwelding.com/, http://www.impacteng.com/

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