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Appia® – Construction Management Web Application

The Need

The Appia® software is a hosted web application for construction program administration. The modular approach to construction administration allows organizations to implement one or many parts of the system in order to streamline their business process. Customizable business rules and configurations permit organizations to model the system after their existing business practices with little effort, providing a secure and comprehensive location for all construction projects.

The Appia system consolidates the estimation, bid management and construction and inspection cycles into one central database that is accessible by the project stakeholders, providing real-time reporting, clear communications and nearly paperless program administration. Implementing the Appia software with the Bid Express service offers the added value of conducting secure Internet bidding, saving on travel costs and significantly reducing the paper burden.

The Technology

The Appia system can manage the business processes in the major functional areas of the project life-cycle – estimation, bid management and construction – due to its flexible configuration and customizable business rules, providing organizations the opportunity to simplify and standardize their processes.

The three major functional areas – estimation, bid management and construction – are all available using an AJAX enabled web interface, accessible through a standards based web-browser. The Appia software is primarily written in PERL with some client tools in C#/.NET and is hosted in the Cloud. The Appia system communicates with various CAD systems via an XML interface to obtain item quantity information for deriving unit prices. The estimation and bidding process can also be extended to external users through the use of the estimating and bidding software packages Estimator and Expedite, also developed by Info Tech.

The Appia construction administration and inspection system is a hosted solution, requiring only a web browser and minimal system requirements to operate. Being a hosted system means low overhead, easy maintenance and worry-free automatic updates and upgrades. The Appia software’s integration with the Bid Express service makes it the ideal tool to assist agencies and organizations of all types in implementing a sealed, secure Internet bidding option

The Benefits


The Appia software is an emerging technology. To date, there are over 500 users at over 50 organizations of the system representing a variety of consulting engineering firms and local government agencies across the U.S. This number continues to grow each month.


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  1. http://www.infotechfl.com/products/appia.php

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