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TECHNOLOGY ARCHIVED - BlueLine Online's ProjectNet

The Need

The AEC industry is one of the most challenging for project management. For any given project, many different participants from many different professions, often widely dispersed geographically, are thrown together for a limited duration. Team collaboration and information exchange is absolutely critical yet, given these circumstances, it is more often than not time-consuming, cumbersome and fraught with difficulties. It is believed that the use of Web-based project management tools will have as substantial impact on the design, construction and operation of buildings, plants and infrastructure projects.

The Technology

With the Internet acting as the ultimate communications medium, ProjectNet provides an instant, on-demand, secure online solution for all team members to communicate, share documents and collaborate using a standard Web browser.

The "heart of ProjectNet" is a secure document management and workflow system that stores all project documents and forms. The ProjectNet information repository can be updated daily to ensure that everyone has access to current information. It enables everyone in the project team to work from the same page, improving productivity. It helps accelerate time-to-market, reduce cost, increase revenues and to minimized rework due to communications errors. With a minimal investment in Internet technology and personnel, ProjectNet provides the tools for instant information access – anytime, anywhere.

ProjectNet is an out-sourced Internet-based project information and workflow management service for the design, engineering and construction industry. It provides specialized tools for all the individuals involved in the building process and enables construction projects to be completed under budget and ahead of schedule. The company sometimes refers to this as their Premium service to distinguish it from ProjectNet LT which is intended for smaller projects and department-level collaboration.

This service is focused on providing project teams with rapid, secure, and easy access to project information. It promotes the concept of "partnering" - enabling project owners, planners and architects to collaborate and to jointly determine how best to fulfill the goals of the project. To implement effective partnering it is critical that all project players remain in regular contact with each other and have access to the same data. To insure effective coordination of the numerous partners that make up the project team, it is critical to get everyone communicating as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some companies are not ready to have their project data hosted by an Internet service provider, but want similar capabilities installed on their own computer systems. Blueline Online meets this need with ProjectNet EPS. With the EPS version, these users can tailor the package to meet their specific needs. Currently about 70% of the company's customers use the out-sourced version of ProjectNet and 30% use the internal enterprise version. The company is seeing this shift as customers recognize the additional benefits of outsourcing, and expects to see a 90%/10% ratio within 18 months.

The Benefits

Blueline Online's services have benefits as follow:


Designed to enhance collaboration between architectural engineering construction (AEC) project teams, ProjectNet 3.3 sets a new standard with functions that deliver comprehensive job site information quickly and on demand, notify the project team immediately of changes in critical information, and provide new levels of integration with the Palm and Windows CE devices. Blueline Online unveiled ProjectNet 3.3 at the AEC Systems Conference '99 in Chicago. Recently, Blueline Online and eBricks, Inc. have merged to form Cephren.


Although the AEC industry is one of the largest industries in the world with a market size estimated by industry analysts to be $3.2 trillion, it has traditionally been more resistant to technological change than other industries. This becomes a major barrier for the adoption of this type of technology.

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