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FieldManager® – Construction Management Software

The Need

The FieldManager® software is a construction management system jointly owned by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Info Tech, Inc. Designed for any size organization that manages construction projects, FieldManager software wraps up contract documentation and reporting, contract modifications, and pay estimates into one neat package for use on multiple hardware platforms, increasing productivity and accountability by implementing a standard business practice across the organization. The application eliminates redundancy and errors associated with paper-based methods by utilizing single-point data entry, extensive reporting, revision tracking, login security and thorough audit tools.

The Technology

The FieldManager application is the core of a group of integrated construction management applications. The software tracks all contract activity from item usage to change orders, and provides a means for detailed project reporting and pay estimate tracking. The FieldBook and FieldPad applications allow inspectors to collect and record construction activity data on a laptop or handheld device for transfer to the main FieldManager application at a later time. The FieldNet system provides the agency with an internal, private network to facilitate secure data transfers between inspectors and the managing contract office by way of the Internet. The FieldBuilder software enables agencies or contracting firms to create custom contracts, items and materials outside of agency standards. Contractors looking for basic tracking and reporting tools can employ the FieldManager Read-Only software, while more advanced features like subcontractor payment reporting and Expedite™ software bid file import are available in the FieldManager Contractor software.

With over 70 built-in reports, the FieldManager software provides a detailed look at any project and allows instant access to the audit trail. In addition to built-in reports, the FieldManager database can be mined using ODBC-compliant query tools to create custom reports. Combined with login security and revision tracking, the FieldManager reporting tools make project audits easy and crystal clear.

The Benefits

For their work in developing the FieldManager application, MDOT and Info Tech have been recognized for innovation and efficiency by the Center for Digital Government, Computerworld Honors, CIO Magazine, and various news and government organizations.

The FieldManager application is designed and built for users by users.


The FieldManager software is licensed by over 5,000 agencies and contractors in 11 states.


None seen at time of writing.

Points of Contact


  1. http://www.infotechfl.com
  2. “Best of Breed” in the GIS/Transportation Category by the Center for Digital Government
  3. Finalist for Computerworld Honors 21st Century Achievement Award in Transportation category
  4. CIO Magazine Enterprise Value Award

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