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Purdue's Emerging Construction Technologies website aims at showcasing the latest technologies that will impact the construction industry after qualifying technologis as "emerging" through its review panel of experts.

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In a constant attempt to add the latest emerging technologies, the Purdue ECT website approaches its viewers and subscribers to get new suggestions. Click here to access the technology suggestion page. A blank factsheet form is also available for members to fill. After duely filling the factsheet, please send the file to Our research team shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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The purpose of this sites is to present Emerging Construction Technologies that could produce a "High Impact" in the construction industry. The technologies are divided into five areas: Civil, Mechanical, Internet-based, Electrical, and Other. Each technology is presented in fact sheets describing: The Need, The Technology, The Benefits, Status, Barriers, Points of Contact, and References.


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Purdue ECT website starts the Blog feature (08/07/2008) - A new feature allowing visitors to comment on individual factsheets has been added to the ECT website. All our readers will be able to post their comments and reply to others comments about a factsheet. The feature has been started to make the website more interactive and allowing better networking and information flow in the industry. The comments will be moderated for copyright and security reasons.

Purdue ECT invites new Review Experts (08/05/2008) - Purdue ECT team is in the process of updating its review committee experts and sent out a request to all its members to signup as a review expert. Experts from various technical areas from industry and academia are invited to register for the review committee. Interested website visitors may email us at to register as review experts.

Brand New look of Purdue ECT (07/31/2008) - Purdue ECT launches its brand new design of website along with layout changes to make the website more interesting and increasing the navigability. Changes will reflect in the layout in stages and better ways of improving the efficiency of the website will be incorporated from time to time.

ECT Website honored as a ‘Standard of Excellence Website (12/01/2000) - Emerging Construction Technologies at has been awarded a Standard of Excellence award in the 1999 WebAward Web Site Competition and a Outstanding Web site award in the 2000 WebAward Web Site Competition.

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